IMG_3782_1_125Welcome to my kiln-formed fused glass website. I’m very excited to share my work with you. I LOVE glass and creating beautiful, colorful pieces of fused glass wall art, sculptures, table art, and vases. My table art is both artistic and functional. My ideas come from nature, living in the southwest, and simply intuitive from life experiences. I like to experiment and then incorporate pattern bars, unique designs, copper, and other elements into the glass design.

The kiln-formed fused glass I create is mostly contemporary, Asian, and southwest in design. Once I start designing a piece, I consider how it will translate into glass. The way the elements, colors, light, and design will interact and the right firing schedules to use come into play.

My own life experiences, problem-solving and attention to detail from my 34 year nursing career have been an integral part of my artistic journey. This, for me, has been a spiritual, educational, social and artistic journey for which I am truly humbled and grateful.

I hope you enjoy viewing my glassworks.

Linda Boyes

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