About My Work…

I’ve been making and teaching fused Glass for over 13 years. The medium I work in is Kiln-formed glass or glass that is fired and shaped into glass art in a kiln.

Everything starts out as sheets of glass designed by the manufacturer to be fused. To begin a piece I have a pattern or design in mind. I then score and break either transparent or opaque glass. I add elements, pattern bars, or components (which I make ahead of time) and add those to the design layers. The piece will be either wall art, a food safe bowl or platter, a sculpture or outdoor art.

Once it’s ready for one of my kilns, it is fired into a flat piece. The firing temperature ranges from 1300-1600 degrees F , depending on size, thickness and type of piece. It is them placed on top of a mold and fired again where it takes on the shape of the mold.

I often fire a piece many times to add texture and interest to it. Each firing takes 14-30 hours. Each time the piece is fired in stages it must then be cooled slowly until it comes to room temperature.

In my studio I have three kilns, saws, grinders, tools for scoring and breaking, a sandblaster, and lots of beautiful glass.

For my students I have all the equipment they need and large work tables and fun!  I’d love to meet you at a show or in one of my classes.

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