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Linda Boyes is a studio glass artist creating Kiln Formed Glass art. Her love of glass has been lifelong. She has always marveled at the fluidity, translucency and colors of glass, and began her hands on work shortly before she retired from her 34 year career as an RN.

Since 2009 she has been immersed in fused glass. In the beginning she took classes at the University of New Mexico, then many classes and workshops from National renowned artists, which she continues to do, and has developed lasting friendships with former teachers and her students.

Her Studio is located in Albuquerque where she works and teaches Classes.

Linda has shown her work in several galleries, local studio tours, and Art shows where she won several awards.

Originally from Southern California, she moved to Albuquerque, NM over 25 years ago. She and her husband, John, together have children and grandchildren all over the country.

They love visiting children, and their second home in Pagosa Springs Colorado. They enjoy hiking and camping with friends.

Her life experiences, detail oriented background, intuitiveness, and creativity are expressed in her glass art. Her work ranges from functional bowls and Platters, to Vessels, Wall art, Sculptures, and Outdoor art. Her style is diverse, ranging from contemporary, to Southwest, to Asian.

For Linda, Glass art has been a spiritual, educational, social and artistic journey for which she is truly humbled and grateful.

Linda Boyes

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About my work

About My Work…

I’ve been making and teaching fused Glass for over 13 years. The medium I work in is Kiln-formed glass or glass that is fired and shaped into glass art in a kiln.

Everything starts out as sheets of glass designed by the manufacturer to be fused. To begin a piece I have a pattern or design in mind. I then score and break either transparent or opaque glass. I add elements, pattern bars, or components (which I make ahead of time) and add those to the design layers. The piece will be either wall art, a food safe bowl or platter, a sculpture or outdoor art.

Once it’s ready for one of my kilns, it is fired into a flat piece. The firing temperature ranges from 1300-1600 degrees F , depending on size, thickness and type of piece. It is them placed on top of a mold and fired again where it takes on the shape of the mold.

I often fire a piece many times to add texture and interest to it. Each firing takes 14-30 hours. Each time the piece is fired in stages it must then be cooled slowly until it comes to room temperature.

In my studio I have three kilns, saws, grinders, tools for scoring and breaking, a sandblaster, and lots of beautiful glass.

For my students I have all the equipment they need and large work tables and fun!  I’d love to meet you at a show or in one of my classes.

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Upcoming Events

2023 Class Schedule

Great News!!!!  Classes and Open Studio are resuming after a too long covid layoff.   The first class will be: Beginning I, July 29 & 30.

Class Schedules and Open Studio dates are now posted on the classes page and the open studio page. Thank you, Linda


Private Group Parties and Specialty Classes,  contact Linda directly

Private One Day Lessons,  9 am to 4 pm $175 + $75 Material Fee


To Register for a class, please print the Class Registration Form below and mail it, with your payment, to Linda Boyes, 296 La Plata NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107.  Also Please Call Linda at 505-604-9327 to insure you place in the class.

Click Here to Register

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