Come and Play in the STUDIO!!  Open Studio allows students who have taken at least one class from Linda to work in the studio, use equipment they have been trained on, and fire their work at very reasonable rates.  Contact Linda to make arrangements to attend open studio.  505-604-9327

2022 Open Studio Dates: 

May 20 – First open studio will feature free scrap glass, no hourly fee and 1/2 price first firing.  Hours for this open studio are 10am-2pm.  –   Beginner 1 class glass pickup.

July 9 – Open studio and Advanced glass class pickup.

July 22 – Open studio and Beginner 2 class glass pickup

Sept. 24 – Open studio and Beginner 1 class glass pickup

Nov. 19 – Open studio and Holiday class glass pickup

Dec. 12 – Open studio and Advanced class glass pickup

All are from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm

Check this website for updates.

 Contact Linda at

or at 505-604-9327

Regular Open Studio Guidelines  

Eligibility – You have taken at least one class and signed a waiver at Linda Boyes Fused Glass Studio.

Costs – $ 5/ hour with a 2 hour minimum. Basic tools are included: glue, glass cleaner, eye protection, gloves, groziers and running pliers. Firing fees are separate:

Firing Fees: (24 hour period) –
• Thin fire – $ 3.50 for 12” X 12”  PAPYROS Paper  $5.00 for 12” x 12”
• Small kiln – $20, one person with one shelf per firing
• Large kiln – $80 (full shelf), $40 (half shelf), $20 (quarter shelf) – 2-3 persons for the large kiln shelf             • Mold rental – $5 / mold

Studio Rules : 
• Reservations are required. 6 person limit. You will be contacted via email with upcoming open studio dates. Hours 10am-3pm. Please text or call the day before.
• Basic tools are supplied as stated above. • Use of saws and grinders is prohibited during Open Studio unless you’ve had a Coldworking class or Coldworking in an advanced class.
• Bring your own System 96 glass (COE 96). Projects must be composed of only System 96  glass including sheet, dichroic, stringer, noodle, scrap etc. Ask about sources to purchase glass. Linda may be able to provide glass for a project in open studio.
• Linda  must be present during Open Studio and will gladly offer guidance
• Linda  will program all kiln firings for you.Yea!!
• When designing your piece, factor in shelf dimensions allowing ½ inch clearance between pieces and shelf edge. To use a partial large shelf, the appropriate dollar amount will be charged.
• Please clean up your work space, take unfinished pieces, left over glass, and other personal equipment with you. Thank-you!  Linda


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